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Backpainted Glass

Backpainted glass is ideal for use in many architectural elements such as doors, walls and countertops. With a virtually limitless array of color options, Bianco Glass Products offers a number of stock paint colors as well as custom color matches. Our custom painted glass panels seamlessly integrate with all of our offered products where opacity is desired.

Backpainted glass is created when glass is painted on the back and then sealed. This glass type can be applied wherever easy maintenance and a crisp, clean look are essential. Creating a luscious and luminous appearance, backpainted glass applications include but are not limited to the following areas.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Backpainted glass is perfect behind stovetops and along countertops. Not only does the addition of backpainted glass brighten kitchen design, but it allows for effortless cleanup. Messes and splatters are simply wiped clean, and disinfection is quick and easy.

Backpainted Glass Walls

Backpainted walls create a clean, contemporary look and are a wonderful design element. They are ideal for children’s rooms and double as a drawing surface, allowing dry erase markers to create masterpieces that are easily wiped clean. In bathrooms, backpainted glass creates a clean look and allows for the elimination of messy grout lines and tile. Healthcare providers also benefit from the use of backpainted glass since it is easy to sanitize and disinfect surfaces.

Conference Room Walls and Marker Boards

Backpainted glass can add a sleek, minimal look to your company’s conference room. A busy decor distracts employees and visitors while hindering productivity. The clean look of backpainted glass, however, creates a soothing atmosphere for brainstorming sessions and meetings. This functional glass can be used as a dry erase board or even a magnetic surface for display.


Entrance, wardrobe and cabinet doors are beautifully accessorized with backpainted glass. The opacity of the product creates a luminous look while disguising unorganized cabinets and creating privacy.


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