We Are Bianco Glass Products

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We are Bianco Glass Products.

Our company culture is one of creativity and innovation. While this culture can be unique to our industry, it allows us to seek out trends and innovations in the world of glass to inspire the projects of our clients.

While working in the glass arena for over 25 years we have built our expertise in all things glass and their seamless integration in architecture and design. The multitude of applications and functions for glass never cease to amaze us!

This knowledge and design aesthetic we want to share with you!  Showcasing our current project, or those of our friends in the architecture  and design industry, allows us to perfect our craft and keep our imaginations growing.

Stay tuned to our journal for the exciting happenings in the world of glass.

Santambrogio Milano: Glass House


They say you shouldn’t throw stones if you live in the glass house and the future residents of the Santambrogio Milano glass house concept should take note. While this house designed by Italian architect Carlo Santambrogio and designer Ennio Arosio is not yet a reality, we have no doubt it is a home of the future.


Erecting these beauties in a scenic landscape would allow it’s residents to truly be immersed in nature and their surroundings. The issue of privacy could easily be solved with the use of privacy glass allowing the walls to become opaque with the flip of a switch.

While we aren’t building glass homes yet, Bianco Glass is experienced in a multitude of privacy glass application! In residential applications we are using the glass which alternates from clear to translucent in skylights, home fronts, and bathrooms. No longer does the need for privacy obstruct beautiful skyline and shoreline views! In commercial spaces the glass is a popular application for conference rooms and office dividers.