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Glass design is not only about aesthetic beauty, but the function and ease of maintenance of the materials.  Glass is the preferred surface in bathroom applications for it’s ease of use and cleaning. However,  it is not always immune to it’s enemies – hard water, heat, humidity, and corrosive cleaning agents.  Over time these antagonists can lead to a dulling of glass appearance or hard to clean staining on it’s surface.  

While several innovations to combat corrosion exist our tried and tested surface protectant is ShowerGuard. ShowerGuard is a permanent coating that is baked onto the surface of glass during heat treatment that seals naturally occurring microgrooves in glass to create a smooth surface that is more resistant to dirt, soap, and hard water.  This application creates no visible difference to the clarity or appearance of the glass but it does protect the glass for years. 

Bianco Glass was one of the first glass providers to roll out this product at it’s inception and continues to stand by it years later. We’ve installed the coating in our own showers and have found that it’s not only cut down on squeegee and cleaning time, but kept our glass looking brand new even after years of use.  We’re grateful to be past the days of scrubbing hard water stains and gunk off our showers and are happy to provide you with the same relief.