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While we love to see glass trends come, go, and come back again we’re really hoping that reeded glass is here to stay. This patterned glass is perfect for diffusing light waves and creating a semi-obscure look that allows for extra privacy but doesn’t close off a space.

We love to see this look on closet doors, room partitions, entry doors and everything in between.  The texture pairs perfectly with steel, brass, and other metals and can be mixed and matched with other glass textures. A favorite pairing is matching reeded glass with well, reeded glass. By aligning the texture in vertical and horizontal panes we achieve an artful look with endless possibilities.

We’ve been incorporating this wonderful texture into many of our products and have had a lot of fun working on in-house created custom steel doors with the look.

Check out our gallery below with some favorite applications and feel free to reach out to our team today if you have any questions on the glass texture or would like to grab a quote for your next project.

Vertical and Horizontal Reeded Glass with Clear Beveled Glass in a Steel Framed Door
Curved Steel Frame Door with Reeded Glass
Reeded Glass Closet Doors at the Branch Hotel in Paris
Private Residence Brass and Steel Sliding Doors with Reeded Glass
Private Residence Reeded Glass in Metal Sliding Doors
Reeded Glass Office Partition
Reeded Cabinet Doors